Styling of the Blouse!!!

There are sarees that can instantly brighten up your days. The color and feel of it is exudes a stylish vibe on any day you chose to wear these sarees.

Have you admired any of your friend/colleague for wearing refreshing dresses to perk up the mood in the morning itself?

Mostly it could be the choice of hue. One such shade is the blue. The kind of color, that gives a youthful appeal to your saree look.

If you like to experiment, we request you to consider the Indigo aka dabu sarees. They are generally in faded blue, which sort of add unique freshness to a saree.

Generally Indigo sarees comes either as plain blue drape or with white block prints. That poses a huge challenge to style it.

Because when you take a look on these saree designs, you will understand our concern that all of them look alike. Even different prints often tend to appear quite same when you spot it from a distance.

So to make this saree style a bit memorable, you need to know how to wear them with elegance.

The obvious thing would be to make your blouse stand out. And next would be the way you accessorize your sarees. With these two important aspects taken care, it is pretty easy to nail your Indigo aka dabu saree look.

Now let’s take real blouse inspiration to get this started.

The faded blue in these sarees often look spectacular with a mix of white cum blue blouse. It sort of gives a pleasing faded denim look on sarees. Wear them to your formal occasion and see the style ooze out of you.

A pop of yellow give strong ethnic vibe to these sarees. So when you head over to evening fun outing, all you need is a vibrant yellow blouse like the one below.

You can even opt for yellow embroidery or mirror work or even yellow pom pom to add a conservative feel to your sarees.


Plain white blouse also makes a fabulous one to wear with Indigo sarees. Especially when you have bold block prints, white is a go-to choice to try out.

It goes without saying that often matching blue blouse is the most preferred one to wear with Indigo sarees. However, you can make them look quite significant by the choice of blouse neck, sleeves..etc.

If you like to double the youthful look you attain from these sarees, wear them with collar neck blouses like these. You can even wear crisp white shirt as blouse and achieve a fusion look in a matter of minutes.

Add color to these blue sarees with vibrant red blouses. opt for innovative prints, sleeve designs and neck patterns for it to look more striking.

To multiply the freshness of these blue sarees, add a dose of classic black shade in the form of statement blouse. You are sure to look voguish.

Pink is another shade that takes this brilliant blue saree to next level. You can even opt for pink border or tassel work on your sarees to match it with your blouse.