Welcome to Tantuparv!!!!

Tantu, a thread, string or relation between human emotions and Parv means a festival or Utsav! We are very proud and excited to launch Tantuparv - A festival of threads that are weaved with love by local artisans across India. 

At Tantuparv we believe in Simplicity, Elegance and Magic of handloom and handcrafted clothing. We celebrate the richness, diversity and the traditional creativity of Indian textiles, weavers and the craftsmen from all across the country. Currently we are directly working with 50+ weavers from different parts of weaving clusters in India. 

We bring to you Masterpieces weaved by award wining weavers from the Yeola, in Maharashtra which is well known for Paithani Sarees. We aspire to bring in changes in the lives of all our weaver community by providing them developmental activities and a platform where they can showcase their art. We curate products from the weavers community across India creating a range with the blend of tradition and contemporary. Our each product is a reminder that what a pair of hands, weaves of love, using ancient techniques can create. Making each piece one of its kind to treasure forever.

We want Handloom and Handcrafted products to become a part of your everyday wardrobe and not just be limited to occasion that are rare.

At Tantuparv, we celebrate and represent weavers and artisans who have really worked hard on each the product before it reaches you.

Weaves of Love!!!!